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Photography Auction in Support of The Ottawa Food Bank

This pandemic has highlighted many issues that our society faces, and one of the most pressing is food security. I can't recall a time in my life when it has felt more important to support our community, particularly those among us who do not have access to life's basic necessities. If you were among those of us fortunate enough to have been able to run to the grocery store as this crisis was declared, then you are among the privileged; for many, this was not a possibility. Many people in our community already needed the help of the food bank prior to this crisis, in order to help make ends meet and provide good, nourishing food for their families and themselves.

In Ottawa alone, more than 39,000 people visit an emergency food bank program every month.

As this pandemic continues, the number of us who may need this service will continue to grow, and it is our responsibility as members of this community to do what we can, and help ensure that the people within it are supported, and loved.

A friend recently wrote that "a community is an extended family," and we need our families now, more than ever.

Everyone's role in this is different and each person's ability to contribute is unique. BenjaminDPhotography has many photographic prints sitting in storage and over the coming weeks, we will be auctioning them off with all profits going to the Ottawa Food Bank.

We would also like to challenge a local business to match any donations, who's up for it?

This community, this family, is 1 million people strong and together, we will make it through.

With love,


The Details:

-Sign up to our e-mail list to receive notifications for this and new auctions.

-The first auction will go live Monday, April 6th at 9AM and will remain open until Tuesday at 11:59PM.

-Make a bid by commenting in the comments section below the post.

-The utmost care will be taken to ensure that pieces are sanitized before delivery.

-Pieces will be delivered with contactless delivery and payments will be received on-line, via-e-transfer.

-If you are outside the Ottawa area, delivery will be made via Canada Post and shipping will be an additional cost.

***-In the case of someone outside of the community of Ottawa with a winning bid, a donation will be made to the local food bank or program of their choosing.

-We will continue with more auctions until our current stock is gone.

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