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Photography for Food, Second Helping

These photographs are from a time, not so long ago, where hanging out in parks with friends and going out "just for the heck of it," were still allowed. What better way to re-live those memories and to look forward to a time when this will again be a possibility.

Item 1: Item 2:

Item 1: "Major's Hill," - 10x24 - Photography on Canvas - Gallery Wrap - Unframed.

Item 2: "Nepean Point," - 10x24 - Photography on Canvas - Gallery Wrap - Unframed.

Both Pieces Retail for 150$ each. (items are being auctioned separately)

Bidding Starts at 50$

Do I hear 50?...


-Make a bid by commenting below with the item number and bid amount.

-Items are being auctioned separately.

-Minimum bid increment of 10$

-Auction open to anyone in Canada, shipping will apply to those outside the Ottawa region.

-Donations to a local food program of the winners choice will be made in the case of a winning bid from outside of the Ottawa region.

-Bidding closes: Sunday April 12th at 11:59PM

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